The company




Underground anchoring systems - Protective collars


Edging for paths and beds


Polypropylene gravel stabilising and draining grid systems


Cor-ten steel sheet terracing systems for small terracings and raised beds


Supports and panels for green walls


Erosion control felts - Support felts for cultivation - Root barrier


Synthetic and biodegradable felt mulch


Accessories and complementary products

Low maintenance cost gardening

Reducing maintenance times in a garden, a park or a terraced garden also means reducing their maintenance costs, allowing you to have a tidy garden for a lower outlay. Economic sustainability and the future of recreational and professional gardening, as well as management of public green spaces, requires reduced maintenance costs.



A modular system of connected polypropylene grids.

Regina Naturae

Production and marketing of protection systems for small plants.


Panel for creating modular vertical green areas which offers quick results.