Landscaping: choose the right materials


Garden is a special place.

We are staying at home due to Covid restrictions and the lucky ones can spend time in the garden too.

A garden is for many a place to take care of, helpful in reducing stress, a safe place where we can relax and heal from everyday anxiety.

Gardening is good for our senses (touch, smell, sight, hearing) and stimulates our creativity.

A space with plants is often not enough, storytelling is more important than ever, we love to talk about “our” garden, which we built ourselves and we are proud of it.

Planning a garden, cultivating plants, organizing our green spaces stimulates our creativity and professional products are more and more requested in order to do so and to realize different shapes.

Tutor International offers a range of professional products that is suitable for both private and public gardens (flowerbeds, paths, green walls).
Flowerbeds, slopes, and gardens are subject to weeds growing. Therefore, high maintenance and frequent mowings are often required during the year, which is expensive and time absorbing.
In order to overcome this problem, flowerbed edgings are suitable solutions, like mulching felts, which help keep flowerbeds tidy.

Telovip 300 TM TS TB da pacciamatura

Mulching felts by Tutor International are made of biodegradable fibers. In both cases, they are a good alternative to trimmer and chemical herbicides, which are dangerous to our ecosystem.

Synthetic fibers are long-lasting and particularly indicated in order to significantly reduce the use of chemical herbicides and contrast weed growth. People who are sensitive to the theme of ecology prefer to use biodegradable mulching felts because, even if their lifetime is short, they disperse in the environment without releasing any dangerous substances.
Technical felts, such as Telovip Separator, can be used with lapillus, bark, colored gravels, white stones, enhancing the mulching effect and offering many creative possibilities.
Together with felts, Tutor International provides the most complete range of flowerbeds available on the Italian market.
It is possible to choose among 3 different types of material (plastic polymers, aluminium and corten steel), available in different shapes and with different heights. The range of corten steel flowerbeds, for instance, have a minimum height of 5 cm and a maximum height of 73,5 cm.
Both felts and flowerbeds are easy to install, so gardening enthusiasts can rely on a performing product, easy to find from suppliers and the manufacturer.
Moreover, mulching felts and flowerbed edgings of Tutor International can be used on roof gardens, terraces, steep slopes without easy access that don’t damage the surrounding environment.
Our landscaping products are aesthetically suitable for all projects.
By using the right tools, people can look after the garden and escape from negative thoughts, creating something concrete with their hands.
Also…It is a healthy hobby for our children, positive and constructive.

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