New Gravelvip made of HDPE will arrive soon!

Realizing a draining gravel surface is a real challenge for landscapers and construction companies.

Professionals are often asked to pave surfaces in non-optimal conditions, preventing any potholes from forming, same with dips in the ground and rain water stagnation. The only solution is using a gravel grid. Available on the market for ten years, grids for gravel stabilization with felt attached allow a better distribution of the loads and are essential in the construction of a gravel surface, as they offer great technical results.
HDPE Gravelvip by Tutor International is available in different versions, depending on the type of traffic (car, pedestrian, heavy). The main benefit of Gravelvip is its mechanical resistance and weight, up to 40% heavier than competing products. In 2019, we decided to manufacture our grids using HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), a more performing polymer with more technical benefits.

In 2021, more and more landscapers and construction companies started asking for HDPE Gravelvip, as this kind of product is widely used and ours is made of recycled plastics, which are ecological and suitable for public projects or protected green areas.
We are doing it in the wake of urban regeneration, we developed a new moulding system and chose a new polymer blend: in this way, supply times and product quality are significantly improved.

The new range including Gravelvip EASY (HDPE) and Gravelvip STANDARD will be available in autumn and can be pre-ordered from october 2021.

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