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Floravip application with VENTILATED structure

Floravip application with VENTILATED structure

The large space between the wall and panels is the distinctive feature of this application system. With this version, it is also possible to implement exhaust systems, electrical systems or gutters between the wall and panel, increasing the design freedom of landscapers. The overall capacity of the wall must be verified through technical expertise, but this solution is suitable also for realizing multi-material walls (building + plants).


The substructure made of galvanized steel, significantly distancing the panels from the supporting wall, guarantees great ventilation in the rear area of the green wall.

The use of Floravip panels together with the ventilated structure is the ideal choice for the realization of multi-material walls. The steel substructure can bear the weight of materials such as stone and cor-ten slabs, cor-ten steel cases etc.

With this solution it is also possible to add an exhaust system behind the water tank, avoiding to wet the materials making up the supporting wall (this solution is generally adopted for stone facades).

Each panel is supplied with practical root-resistant cases, whose aim is to house the plant, serving as root barriers as well.

The panels have standard sizes and different pocket numbers. It is possible to link more supports in order to realize large walls.

All the materials making up the green wall are recyclable and studied in order to be safe for children and in public spaces.

Once that the life cycle of the plants is completed, they can be replaced in a few minutes. In this way, a new life cycle begins.

Thanks to the high-quality materials used, the solution with SPX support is the one which guarantees greater longevity to the whole project.

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30 June 2021

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