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Gravelvip Strong – For heavy vehicular use

Modular grid made of HDPE (100% post-consumer recycled) and welded on a strong felt. It is used for the realization of stable and draining gravel pavings. GRAVELVIP grids are realized following a high-quality design concept. The product idea is not based on cost concerns, but rather on quality and resistance, since it is meant to last tens of years as a supporting structure for trafficable pavings used by heavy vehicles (trucks and buses).


The product is 100% made of post-consumer recycled HDPE.
It allows the fast and easy realization of gravel surfaces, which do not cause bicycles, prams, wheelchairs, motorbikes, cars (it is trafficable by heavy vehicles), high heels etc. to sink in.

It eliminates the problem of grid breaking due to the disintegrating effect of sun exposure and lasts many years covered with only a thin gravel layer.

It eliminates the holes and water stagnation. Permeability is greater than 95%.

It is supplied in light, flexible, easy to lay panels which do not slide thanks to the special attachment system.

Suitable for pavings used by heavy vehicles (ex: trucks, buses).

It prevents weed growth and reduces future garden maintenance. A minor gravel quantity is required compared to a surface without “GRAVELVIP”.

Quick and easy installation using standard tools.

The panels remain invisible once laid and can be easily removed and reused during subsequent maintenance.

It offers excellent results in aesthetic and landscaping terms, making the most of locally available gravel or marble.

It is ecological, 100% made of post-consumer recycled plastics. Recyclable as plastic material.

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