Mini Floravip

Mini Floravip

Floravip SB+CV is the only «living picture» with patented design including frame and water tank, a new way to decorate houses or offices with plants or flowers. It is not only classy in design, but also super easy to install and available in different sizes and with different pocket numbers. A pretty and easy product!


It takes 5 minutes to install it.

Each panel is supplied with practical root-resistant cases, whose aim is to house the plant, serving as root barriers as well.

Reduced weight and size making it easy to lift, even with the plants inside.

Thanks to its innovative and classy design, it is the ideal product for decorating houses or offices.

Depending on the requirements of the customer, it is available in different sizes and with different pocket numbers.

All the materials making up the panel are recyclable.

Once that the life cycle of the plants is completed, they can be replaced in a few minutes. In this way, a new life cycle begins.

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