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NATURVIP NAI 400 – Biodegradable non-woven erosion control felt

Non-woven erosion control felt made of 100% biodegradable vegetal fibers, mechanically needlepunched on a jute mesh, without using glues, finishes, seams with plant filaments or plastic material. It ensures great protection on steep surfaces.


It is made of vegetable fibers that make it completely biodegradable, “NATURVIP NAI 400” will disappear in the ground as humus.

It protects the previously seed soil from external agents and is particularly indicated for steep surfaces, reducing the run-off and formation of water channels.

The jute mesh and heavy weight make it more resistant to traction compared to other types of felt.
It offers a very natural aesthetic result and is a resilient support with a high percentage of voids, suitable for hydroseeding.
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