Root ball protection squares for underground anchoring systems

It is a felt made of biodegradable materials, useful in order to protect the root ball of the plant from the belt of the anchoring system, during both the installation and rooting phase.


It naturally degrades over time and reduces CO2 emissions.

It avoids damages to the roots caused by the belt during the installation phase of the anchoring system.

Having a density of 1000g/m2 and a thickness of 8/10 mm, it ensures great tearing resistance.

It protects the roots of the plant from frost and drought and it helps reduce up to 30% of the water quantity used for irrigation.

To fit different types of plants, from the small ones to those having a 1 meter wide rootball.

The product comes with a central incision, thus it is ready to be used and simply has to be applied at the base of the plant..

It is the best solution for landscapers and nurserymen in order to protect the root system after the transplantation phase.

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