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Telovip 300 TM – Synthetic mulching felt of brown color

Resilient mulching felt made of synthetic fibers, which are degradable and non putrescent. It is adequately thermoformed as to make it impenetrable to weeds, but perfectly penetrable to water and air. The polymer is not metabolizable from molds and bacteria, thus it is not subject to any rottenness and/or putrefaction. It is completely ecocompatible and recyclable, not releasing anything in the soil. Its brown color reminds of that of many soils, looking like natural material.


It is perfectly breathable and permeable, but impenetrable to vegetative apices and weeds.

Particularly indicated for applications requiring long-lasting performances or very high mechanical resistance to traction or trampling. In addition to this, the product does not go rotten.

“TELOVIP 300 TM” has been designed in a brown colour that resembles that of most soils, to promote the feeling of being faced with a natural material.

Due to its high mechanical strength, “TELOVIP 300 TM” lasts several years as mulch. Moreover, it is extremely manageable and practical, combining quality, aesthetics and cost in the best way possible.

It is perfectly ecocompatible and recyclable, not releasing anything in the soil.

The use of mulching felt represents a valid sustainable alternative to chemical weed control.

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