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Tuboline – Polyethylene edging

Edging made of polyethylene (HDPE), available in black, brown or white and treated against UV light. It is used in order to easily and quickly realize the separation and delimitation of flowerbeds.
Its flexibility allows to create many different shapes. It is light and manageable, easy to lay and ensures great aesthetic results at moderate cost.


quick and easy installation.

with “TUBOLINE”, labour-saving is possible on both initial installation and future garden maintenance.

specific product ensuring outstanding aesthetic and functional results, thanks to its black, brown and translucent white colors.

strong and safe towards accidental impacts and trampling (it does not break and it is not harmful if someone falls on it).


with “TUBOLINE”, many different realization possibilities are possible, among which luminous edgings by putting led strips in the translucent white version.

two irrigation kits exist, for small installations with Tuboline: one “sprinkler”, while the other “drip”, and they can be purchased separately.

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