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Tutor – biodegradable anchoring system

Efficient biodegradable underground anchoring system, which allows to safely fix transplanted saplings, keeping them straight and firm during their first years as they put down roots.

Advantages of “TUTOR”

Made of wood, iron, coconut and jute, natural and biodegradable materials allowing it to be “forgotten” into the soil.

As the system is completely buried underground, there is no aesthetic impact, unlike using numerous support poles (minimum 3 per plant to obtain the same effect). The result is wonderful gardens and driveways, immediately and NATURALLY.

The stakes which are currently used to support each transplanted tree are eliminated, also removing elements (fasteners) which can be dangerous for passers-by, animals, etc. as well as harmful to the plant.

With “TUTOR” you can save a worker in the installation phase and 90% of the time securing the plant. Savings will also be made when mowing/trimming and in general on the maintenance of the area.

“TUTOR” takes up less space than traditional stakes, making it easier to transport and store.

Damages and thefts are no more a problem, as it is more difficult to remove plants fastened with “TUTOR” and there are no external elements.

It returns the plant’s fulcrum to its natural point, does not require fasteners or anything which could “strangle” the trunk or branches and does not damage or limit the growth of future roots – it is a COMPLETELY BIODEGRADABLE AND ECOCOMPATIBLE SYSTEM.

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