The Perfect Storm – Raw Material Market Crisis in Landscaping

2021 will be remembered as the anti-Covid vaccination year, but there are also many Covid-related factors (‘the perfect storm’) that will not be forgotten, like raw material price increase.

In both landscaping and urban construction, we are witnessing an impressive rise in price of raw materials, especially regarding metals and plastic polymers.

Producer countries, most of which are emerging economies, are vulnerable: the world crisis concerns deposits of aluminium, iron and other raw materials, which, together with the interruption in trade in the Panama canal, heavily influenced prices of finished products, causing raw material shortage as well.
In order to face these issues, Tutor International Srl changed its commercial approach, adopting a specific price mitigation strategy.
We told our customers and everyone interested in our products to contact us in advance in order to receive specific quotations: in this way, we are able to provide them with a definite validity period, accurate preparation time and personalized commercial proposals .

Moreover, we are working ‘behind the scenes’ for a great start in 2022: research and development concerning new products and raw materials, investing on innovative production systems.
By the end of 2021, for instance, we will launch our brand new Gravelvip made of HDPE, which will be produced through a different moulding process and with new plastic polymers, which are way more performing. At the beginning of 2022, Ironflex PL and Ironline MA will be produced through automated in-line production. These innovations will help reduce production times, ensuring better product quality at the same time.
We invite all professionals to be patient in this phase and to promptly ask us or our agents for quotations and prices.
We will do our best to support our customers, as this global crisis is affecting our whole field, so you are not alone in this . We will have to consider it as a sort of ‘New Normal’.
We know it isn’t easy, but we are Italian: we are used to complexity, we know how to face it and we are pretty good at it!

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